paraphilia list

A Paraphilias refers to sexually deviant behavior (often a fetish). This may be innocent and harmless to very serious defects that overflowing in aggression and coercion and mistreatment for example.

A few examples are:

Exhibitionism = walking naked for example
Pedophilia = fornication with minors
Sexual masochism = enjoying pain stimuli
Sexual sadism = Schadenfreude
Fetishist = sexual excitement of materials
transvestitisme = Gender related
Voyeurism = Visually set sex
necrophilia = Sex with corpses
klismaphilia = the anal insertion of liquid
coprofilie/coprolagnie = (humor),
telephone scatology = phone sex
urofilie = Golden shower
partialisme = amazing fascination of body parts
apotemnofilie = amputate The limbs of
algolagnie = experience sexual pleasure to pain
bestiality animal sex =
bondage = taping of a person, in some countries become this to an art form.
efebofilie = sexual preference of adults for teenagers
frotteurisme = horny are submitted by secretly touching others
gerontofilie = Erotic excited by the elderly.
infantilism = a role-playing game, you as a child carried.
non-penetrative sex = intercrural sex
nymphomania = hypersexuality in women
promiscuity = Swinging
public sex = sex on places you can be discovered
sadomasochism = Domination. mistresses and slave roleplay
saliromanie = experience sexual pleasure to dirty, such as vomit, feces, and so on (also scat)
Satyriasis = excessive sexual drive of the man. Synonyms are gynaecomanie, satyromanie
food-erotic = opwingding by food and dinkwaren
strangle sex = be excited by obstructing the breathing