List of paraphilia

Abasiophilic People with impaired mobility
Acrotomophilic People with amputations
Agalmatophilic Statues, mannequins and immobility
Algolagnic Pain, particularly involving an erogenous zone; differs from masochism as there is a biologically different interpretation of the sensation rather than a subjective interpretation
Andromimetophilic Trans men
Anililagnic Attraction by young men to older women
Anthropophagolagnic Raping and then cannibalizing another person.
Anthropophagy Ingesting human flesh
Apotemnophilic Being an amputee
Asphyxiophilic Being asphyxiated or strangled
Attraction to disability People with one or more physical disabilities.
Autagonistophilic Being on stage or on camera
Autassassinophilic Being in life-threatening situations
Autoerotic asphyxiation Self-induced asphyxiation, sometimes to the point of near unconsciousness
Autogynephilic Sexual arousal of a biological male in response to the image of himself as female.
Auto-haemofetishism Bleeding oneself (does not involve ingestion of blood). Type of autovampirism.
Autonepiophilic The image of one’s self in the form of an infant.
Autopedophilic The image of one’s self in the form of a child.
Autoplushophilic The image of one’s self in the form of a plush or anthropomorphized animal.
Autovampirism/Vampirism The image of one’s self in the form of a vampire. Involves ingesting or seeing one’s own blood.
Autozoophilic The image of one’s self in the form of an animal or anthropomorphized animal.

Biastophilia/Raptophilic Raping a person, possibly consensual rape fantasy.

Capnolagnic Smoking.
Chremastistophilic Being robbed or held up
Chronophilic Partners of a widely differing chronological age
Coprophilic Feces; also known as scat, scatophilic or fecophilia

Dacryphilic Tears or crying
Diaper fetishism Diapers; considerable overlap with paraphilic infantilism
Dendrophilic Trees

Emetophilic Vomit
Eproctophilic Flatulence
Erotic asphyxiation Asphyxic of oneself or others
Erotophonophilic Murder, often of strangers (also known as dacnolagnomania).
Exhibitionism Exposing one’s genitals to unsuspecting and nonconsenting others

Feederism Eating, feeding, and weight gain.
Formicophilic Being crawled on by insects
Forniphilic Turning a human being into a piece of furniture
Frotteurism Rubbing against a non-consenting person

Gerontophilic Elderly people
Gynandromorphophilia, Gynemimetophilic Transsexual or transgender women

Hematolagnic Drinking or looking at blood
Heterophilic Idealization of heterosexuality and/or people who are “straight-acting”, especially by non-heterosexual people.
Homeovestism Wearing clothing emblematic of one’s own sex
Hoplophilic Firearms, guns
Hybristophilic Criminals, particularly for cruel or outrageous crimes

Infantophilic Pedophilic with a focus on children less than five years old, a recently suggested term that is not in general use

Kleptophilic Stealing; also known as kleptolagnia
Klismaphilic Enemas, arousal and enjoyment in receiving, administering, or both

Lactophilic Breast milk
Liquidophilic Immersing genitals in liquids

Macrophilic Giant beings; the imagined growth of beings
Maschalagnic Armpits
Mazophilic Highly atypical sexual interest focused on female breasts.
Masochism Suffering or humiliation; being beaten, bound or otherwise abused
Mechanophilic Cars or other machines; also “mechaphilia.”
Melolagnic Music
Menophilic Menstruation
Metrophilic Poetry
Microphilic A sexual attraction to very small people or small body parts
Morphophilic Particular body shapes or sizes
Mucophilic Mucus
Mysophilic Dirtiness, soiled or decaying things

Narratophilic Obscene words
Nasophilic Noses
Necrophilic Corpses

Objectophilic Specific inanimate objects
Oculophilic Eyes and activities directly relating to and/or involving the eyes. Voyeurism does not meet classification for this term.
Olfactophilic Smells and odors emanating from the body, especially the sexual areas.
Omorashi Arousal from having a full bladder and/or wetting oneself, or from seeing someone else experiencing a full bladder and/or wetting him- or herself.

Paraphilic infantilism Dressing or being treated like a baby, also known as autonepiophilic or “adult baby syndrome”; considerable overlap with diaper fetishism
Partialism Specific, non-genital body parts
Pedophilic Prepubescent children, also spelled paedophilia; often confused with hebephilia, ephebophilia, and pederasty
Peodeiktophilic Exposing one’s penis
Pedovestism Dressing like a child
Podophilic Feet
Pictophilic Pornography or erotic art, particularly pictures
Piquerism Piercing the flesh of another person, most commonly by stabbing or cutting the body with sharp objects
Plushophilic Stuffed toy animals (Plushies).
Pygophilic Buttocks, as in a highly atypical sexual interest focused on the buttocks.

Salirophilic Soiling or dirtying others
Sexual fetishism Nonliving objects
Sexual sadism Inflicting pain on others
Shoe fetishism Shoes, such as high heels
Somnophilic Sleeping or unconscious people
Sophophilic Learning
Sthenolagnic Muscles and displays of strength
Stigmatophilic Body piercings and tattoos
Symphorophilic Witnessing or staging disasters such as car accidents
Telephone scatologic Obscene phone calls, particularly to strangers; also known as telephonicophilic and scatophilia

Teratophilic Deformed or monstrous people. The term is also sometimes used in a more literal sense (from ancient greek τέρας, teras, meaning monster) for attraction to monstrous mythical and fictional creatures such as werewolves.
Toucherism Touching an unsuspecting, non-consenting person with the hand
Toxophilic Archery
Transvestic fetishism Wearing clothes associated with the opposite sex; also known as transvestism
Transvestophilic A transgender sexual partner
Trichophilic Hair
Troilism Observing one’s partner engaged in sexual activities with another person

Urolagnic Urination, particularly in public, on others, and/or being urinated on. Also referred to as “water sports”

Vorarephilic The idea of one person or creature eating or being eaten by another; usually swallowed whole, in one piece; also known as vore
Voyeurism Watching others while naked or having sex, generally without their knowledge; also known as scopophilic or scoptophilia

Wet and messy fetishism Messy situations, including, but not limited to, being pied, gunged or covered in mud

Zoophilic Animals
Zoosadism Inflicting pain on or seeing animals in pain