paraphilia treatment

Treatment paraphilias
In conversations with you and, if necessary, with your partner, we go first after what exactly is going on. The treatment is that you in conversations with one of the sexologists to examine how you can shape your sexual desires so that the lijdensdruk for you and your environment disappears. For example:

It may be that you need to learn your sexual Continue reading “paraphilia treatment”

paraphilia list

A Paraphilias refers to sexually deviant behavior (often a fetish). This may be innocent and harmless to very serious defects that overflowing in aggression and coercion and mistreatment for example.

A few examples are:

Exhibitionism = walking naked for example
Pedophilia = fornication with minors
Sexual masochism = enjoying pain stimuli Continue reading “paraphilia list”

what is paraphilia

what is paraphilia ?

Normally, people are excited by a person of the opposite sex or the same sex. People with paraphilias have sexual feelings at things that if not direct sexual be found. Sometimes their acts strange, sometimes difficult or painful for others and sometimes even punishable. Continue reading “what is paraphilia”

paraphilia definition

Paraphilias (from the Greek para pa?? = besides and-philia f??? a = friendship, here love) is the collective name of a group sexual behaviors or fantasies that generally as deviating from the prevailing standards are considered. These include (very) harmful behaviors (and, to this end, possible leading fantasies) Continue reading “paraphilia definition”