what is paraphilia

what is paraphilia ?

Normally, people are excited by a person of the opposite sex or the same sex. People with paraphilias have sexual feelings at things that if not direct sexual be found. Sometimes their acts strange, sometimes difficult or painful for others and sometimes even punishable.


There are many forms of sexual relations. Most people with a fixed partner have a monogamous relationship. Other people have an open relationship or more like one-nightstands. Within these types of relationships, there are also numerous species of sex. On television is always here.
The important thing is that anyone voluntarily take part in sexual acts and that nothing happens against someone’s fancy.


The sexual desires of a person can cause problems. Sometimes, people can still be excited only by objects. But if your partner here do not like this can be very tricky.
It’s also not nice to against your will to be facing someone who you want to show it to his genitals, you want to spy or touch.
In other cases, desires lead to criminal offences. Taping and hitting people against them wants to in for example. Or commit sexual acts with children under the age of 16.